Its not just about recruitment, its competitor intelligence that helps companies understand more aspects of the market they inhabit providing valuable and real time insight

snapshot of DMF Research

I help companies and recruitment firms understand the bigger picture and assist in reflecting to them what the real-time market composition reveals in the relevant sectors. My hunter mentality combined with my love for my continent helps me find the information I am looking for.
PASSION for Africa
Successfully completing industry research and recruitment projects throughout Africa and across multiple sectors.

Looking for information over and above what is easily and already visible. 
Always looking for the proverbial "needle in a haystack"

Industry intelligence can support not only HR and Recruitment, but Sales and Business Development allowing for faster approaches



Its not always about 1 perfect candidate but understanding the broader industry and who relevant role-players and up-and-comers are for effective succession planning

Why Choose dmf research

Pay for what you need

Too often consultants and external resources request full 360 projects, however sometimes assistance is only needed on a specific part of the process.

GuarAnteed PRiority

Complete assurance your project will be managed with dedication and focus. Projects only accepted upon a capacity basis, ensuring the delivery of project excellence.

Market Clarity

You know what your “ideal candidate” is, however, as head hunters we are constrained by what actually exists within the market.  The detailed feedback I will provide you with will demonstrate whether your ideal candidate exists within that market and at that price tag.  If not, the research will provide you with guidance regarding what other avenues can be explored.